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Are you an avid reader or a new fan? If so, you want to make sure you're getting all the hot, new books that come out each and every Wednesday. The best way to do that is to subscribe to a PULL LIST. What is this you say? A pull list is a subscription service that helps us make sure that every customer that wants a book, gets a book. No more missing out on first appearances or huge events. You'll have a shiny, new copy in your file ready to be flipped through at your leisure. We also do one off purchases and pre-orders as well for books, collectibles, toys, and more! 


Just fill out the form below and we can get you started on your very own PULL LIST.

Subscribe to 5 or more titles per month and get 10% off your purchases!

Pull lists are typically picked up week to week on NEW COMIC DAY by our customers, but we ask that your file is cleared out once per month. There is no deposit required on single issues (unless your account falls out of good standing). Graphic novels, statues, action figures, etc. require a 50% deposit up front for pre-order/pull. If you need to cancel a title, we ask that you give us a full release cycle (30 DAYS) as we are required to order books 4-6 weeks prior to release date.

You can also sign up for a PreviewsWorld.Com PULL BOX account and add Secret Origins Comics & More as your local shop!

Customer Pull List
Not sure where to start?

Note: Unless specified, all books are first come, first serve and are pulled from the available cover selection that is deemed OPEN TO ORDER (typically a main cover and a B variant). If you would like a variant cover or some other special request, please email us directly at so we can modify your pull to best reflect this.

Some variants are not able to be ordered as they're incentives with the publisher, but always check with us first. 

Thanks for submitting!

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